Australia David Ian Floyd

David Ian Floyd – Australia

Just a warning to anyone about David Floyd. I was in a relationship with him your a couple of years, during this time he has lied about everything; finances, being faithful, his previous relationships, his identity. He is a wolf in Sheeps clothing, he was emotionally manipulative the entire relationship, has been caught on dating websites a couple of times through the birth of our daughter and when I was pregnant. He lied about being cheated on in previous relationships when it was him who was cheating. He has made endless excuses how being on dating websites is not cheating as he claims to have not slept with any of them. Everything about Dave that he presents is purely illusion, he plays women as sport and thrives on control. He will never change, as people with this narcissistic disorder have no ability to see wrong in their actions. I will ensure his daughter has closely monitored with visits if any. And I’m very sorry for the next woman that comes along and has to go through this.