Canada David Fleming

David Fleming – Canada

Met David Fleming through Match on September 14/12 and had our first Meet & Greet at N Hill mall which is a couple of blocks from where he lives. He called the next day to invite me for dinner at his place. All seemed good, we seemed to click really well, and according to him he felt we clicked very well. We seemed to be going somewhere and stayed together at his place till Wednesday.

Then on Wednesday evening he came over to my place and told me his ex had contacted him by email that morning and they were going to get back together. I was upset by the news and of course he said he wanted to comfort me and stay with me which he did till Friday September 21/12. He indicated many times that we would have continued on in the relationship if it were not for his ex contacting him as he felt we had such a strong connection. Dave Fleming indicated he was going over to Lorianne’s (ex) for dinner and left around 8 pm on September 21/12. A further conversation a few days later where he indicated that he had a nice diner with Loriane.