Arkansas Darrin Haller

Darrin Haller – Arkansas

I dated him in a long distance relationship for over a year- even left my husband of 6 years to make a new life in a new town with Darrin. Once I got here his attitude changed. I knew him as a teenager but the truth is he catfished me on Facebook. He acted like something that he is not to use me for my money.

Thanks to someone he calls a “friend”, I received a phone call on Sunday afternoon letting me know that he was with someone else on Saturday night. I had actually already been warned in a local bar on my last visit to see him, but I didn’t believe it. He was even telling me how he wanted to marry me and I was the best thing in his life… but he was telling someone else the same thing. He is smooth and an extreme liar… he uses emotion to fool you. He would actually break down and cry each time I left to board my plane… it was a pretty good act too.