DAPHNE MAI NGUYEN – Los Angeles, California

I met her a couple years ago. She seemed innocent and always had a sob story. I felt bad for her and decided to see her regularly. She needed bills paid and I complied. At first it didn’t seem like I was paying for sex but eventually it turned out that way. The price kept getting higher and higher. Later as it turns out, I knew a few people that were in the same situation.  Same sob story, same bills needed to be paid to upkeep her lifestyle. Recently, I met up met someone that was an old friend of hers and confirmed that they used to do gigs together for clients. Please do yourself a favor and get yourself checked out as I am one of many that have been with her without a condom. Do not fall for the sob stories. She is a regular partier in LA and on the prowl for men with money. Save yourself some money and stay away from her friends. They are all in the same business.