California Danny Garcia

Danny Garcia – California

He cheats on his girlfriends and is so smooth at it that they would never imagine at first he would do that. If you confront him, he gets sarcastic and mean and threatens to leave. He then has a break up with the GF and waits a month or so. He breaks the news to the cheatee and is now “in love” with her. He continues to have contact with the ex GF. A few grueling abusive years pass by and the new GF suspects odd behavior from him. She has to break it off because of the moodiness and secret behaviors. A month or so passes and the GF finds out he’s now back with the original GF. Several months pass by and he is back to contacting the second GF. He’s saying he misses me and wants to have sex with me. So the first GF is being cheated on yet again.