California Dannie Ruth Del Secco

Dannie Ruth Del Secco – California

She went to a massage parlor to be massaged after a fight about her not letting me spend any time with friends. She then looks him up on Facebook and gets his phone number. I find out that they met up and made out. She told him the only reason she didn’t f*** him was because she was on her period. I find out about this and flip out. She apologizes and i forgive her. She then asks if she can still talk to him as a friend. I say no. She then goes over to his house and sleeps with him while im away at my job making money for the both of us. She then proposes marriage to ME. Unfortunately I found out about this AFTER I said yes. The guy she cheated with is named Travis Ramsum. He lied to me when i asked him if he knew we were dating. He said no but i read messages telling him that she was “planning on breaking up” with me. Yet proposes marriage after the infidelity. To make matters worse i find out that she had been sending him sexy pictures of herself in MY SHIRT. I can only hope this page shows up when you Google either of their names. Both parties lied straight to my face and now I’m unsure if i can trust like i did before. I plan on making a giant sign with both of their faces on it and posting it up in the surrounding areas. I also plan on reporting Travis Ramsum because he violated laws regarding massage therapy. He’s nothing but a gross redheaded bucktoothed prostitute who gives himself away for sloppy seconds for free. He will take anything he can get. If only laws didn’t exist. The global population count would be at least two less than current.