California Danielle Kristine Robertson

Danielle Kristine Robertson — Spring Valley, California

Her name is danielle kristine, vet assitant, she started dating my husband after we took a 2 week break. They both then started seeing each other and texting each other all while her friend at kmart who I despise sent me every detail, they went to Disneyland in which my family was there and I received a picture of them 2. They kissed and even had sex in her car without a condom, nasty ! She knew he was married and just had a baby at the time. She then kept seeking his attention sending 36+ msgs. She gave him a choice either her or his wife, he chose his wife and then said once I walk away thats it. He never looked for her again but she still kept texting him. Aside from her being a nasty bitch, feel free to msg her and let the world know what kind of person she is. Karma is a bitch ? sooner or later it will come and kick your ass.