Canada Danielle Hampton

Danielle Hampton – Canada

When I met this woman she seemed to be so simple an pleasant . Then she would change . She would get in mood an it’s like she had to blow up . An she would do wrong an somehow I was fault .she was never to blame . Something could happen an it was like she would rewrite it in her mind a different way .long story short I married her an all hell broke lose . She would get made an leave an Be gone for days . She’d say it was because I didnt love her . Any time I asked a question she would get mad an jump to defense about any thing an everything. She wasn’t who she pretended to be. Over a on again off again relationship I hav lost custody of my two children .my pride will to live at times not to mention so much money .an all cause I wanted to believe in her . She is so gd at minipulating an pretending . An lies to everyone an dumbass me would tell the truth cause well I loved her she would promise but did nothing. Loved me more than anything but was just words . She used my credit card to pay her an previous boyfriend bills . I loaned her money for lawyer for her kids . She never paid back . I found out she was in mental hospitals. Though out her child hood . With many disorders. Found out she had sex with her first cousin an thinks it was okay . I could forgive but just couldn’t forget . Oh she said they made love they didnt just have sex while laughing in my face . She kept old love letters from Michael neuman of California . An he was 6 yrs older when it started. She told me he was only man she ever really loved .i told her she was just easy peace of a**. I know it was before me but damn an the last time she wasn’t no kid. She was 21 . Who the hell does this crap. I still hav some of their post cards . An I lost every thing cause she thought I’d tell everyone so she made up a bunch of lies an I just couldn’t bust her out . She has cheated on me many times. She is a sex freAk she goes hiking an her fantasy is for someone to rape her ??? She jump on gear shift of my car at the time. An actually got off doing it .just watch out whoever is envolved with her .i finally couldn’t take the not knowing the back forth. Say one thing do another. An the final straw wash she came down with ecoli an kidney infection. Well dr called cell phone because the test came back an there were like two different strands of bacteria. One of them was k nine matter . I read the damn report . She Denys but I know what I read. Who does this crap. Unfortunately I still love this woman. But I can’t be with her she is a nasty incest w****. She lies. An lies an lies . She broke my heart an me down but the bad thing is. I let her do it to me cause I just loved her . Her own family hates her when her dad died she was forbiddin. She isn’t what she pretends to be an if anyone wants to say I’m making this crap up. Well I have proof. I hate that I feel for her meaningless words . Beware. That poor me crap will draw u In. She has lived in ky. Vermont. An California where her sick incest cousin is. Just sick an she had all theses damn pics of her masterbating an I didn’t take them. She is a sick