California Danielle Emerick

Danielle Emerick – Sacramento, California

This is Danielle Emerick oh wait a minute!!! That’s that lying cheating slut Nicole Foutch!!!! Remember when I had mentioned how she worked at Sears in red bluff? Well since then because of all the negative bashing they got Sears had no choice but to shut their doors for good!!!! Oh how I love the fact that her and her little gangs lives are all falling apart!!! As far as the married guy Alex Torres well his wife found out and divorced him not to mention he also has domestic violence charges on his record. Also found out that they were having 3somes with a old drunkin alcoholic in his 60s named Jim!!!! Also found out that Danielle Emerick or should I say Nicole Foutch had sex with Phillip Smith on multiple occasions to keep her job when she kept screwing up at work!!!! Just tells you what kind of people are in this world SMDH and guess what Nicole!!!! Or should I say Danielle Emerick so you call yourself on fb…. enjoy living off the government!!!!!! Low life welfare mommy!!!!