Canada Danielle Connelly

Danielle Connelly – Vancouver, Canada

this piece of human garbage is Danielle Connelly, formerly of Surrey BC. I was unfortunate enough to become acquainted with this trash when she started hanging out in my social circle. I simply introduced myself because that’s what NORMAL people do. I asked her how she knew my significant other and she went behind my back, telling them that I’m “insecure”, “stalking her” “making up lies about her” etc etc, deliberately trying to cause drama.She lied to me about how they met, and said she met my boyfriend on her own, at a bar and that they were “new best friends” and that it was “none of my business” Really? It’s “none of my business” if my boyfriend is making “best friends” with trailer trash?! I let it go,and everyone stopped talking to her, but later on I heard that this is how she meets women: By causing drama in their relationships and then latching onto the woman! How twisted is this?? It’s time that her creepy ways are exposed…If you see this gross, broke b1tch who looks like she picked her clothes out of a garbage bin, RUN. She is TOXIC and has a major drinking problem!