Arizona Daniella Shank

Daniella Shank – Arizona

This chick works as a cocktail waitress at and I’m a regular customer. She was very flirty and friendly and she invites me back to her place one night for “netflix and chill”. She says on the drive to her place she has a thing for Mexican guys and wants to smoke bud and experiment with some BDSM. I’m like all right cool lets get it on. We get back to her crib and are messing around in her bed when in walks her son whos a little kid. He’s screaming “mommy what is that man doing to you?” And Im blown away because she said nothing about having any kids. But what this b1tch Dani does is shes screaming at him to go back to his room. Hes begging for her to come and comfort him and tears and streaming down his face and Dani has no heart shes ice cold man and I get pissed at her and pull out and put my clothes on. Im like you need to go talk to your son. And shes all like “fuk you dont tell me how to raise my son get the fuk out of here.” So I decide to dip and call an uber. While I am outside waiting for it I text my friend at the Blue Martini and tell her and shes telling me Dani is in a sugar daddy relationship and she texts me her instagram and its got this picture of an older middle aged dude she is dating and has her arms around. Aparently Dani also has a history of being accused of abusing a friends child she baby sat for a couple years ago and the cops didnt do anything. Dani is one shady a55 ho.