California Daniel Martinez

Daniel Martinez — Tracy, California

This guy is a supposed Jehovah witness in the Tracy/lathrop, California area. Lives in lathrop works in Tracy. He was a coworker of my ex wife’s at a local pharmacy. They had worked together long enough that he knew she was married i had been there with ire two children several times. An affair began between the 2 in November of 2015, i found pictures of him on her laptop the following February, a few nudes, when i confronted her she said that there was something going on but it was over and the pics area as far as things went. I took her word. And we were in the process off trying for a baby as we had 2 boys and wanted to try for a Girl. She got pregnant and went through everything. I went to the dr. Appointments, ultrasounds (turned out to be a boy but was still excited) talking to the baby through her belly, i loved him so much. 2 weeks before the baby was born she decided to tell me the baby was Daniel’s. I can’t even explain what goes through you to hear those words. She took my 6 and 8 year old and that asshole homewrecker sees more of my boys then i do. And how does their religion allow for him to still be among them.