Arizona Daniel Anderson

Daniel Anderson – Arizona

Daniel Forest Anderson is married to a woman in Paw Paw, Il, living with another woman in Mt.Greenwood, Chgo, and has many other women on the side. He works at Community Honda on 159th St. in Orland Park. He will get into your head and try and make you his slave. He is a liar, a cheater, a sadist, and an abuser. He will ask you to marry him after a few months, take you ring shopping and ask you to move in with him, but he never will; it is one excuse after another. He will tie you up and beat you on your genitals with his belt and make you think it was your fault; give you “tasks” to perform and make you get his name tattooed over your body or he will beat you. Again – he gets into your head and makes you believe that you did something wrong against him. He made me use a breast pump for 3 months so I could “feed” him. He likes to urinate on you and make you drink his urine so that “all of him” can be inside of you. He slapped me so hard one time my crown flew out of my mouth and I had to have it replaced. He will give you one excuse after another why he will not take you to his apartment in Mt. Greenwood/Chgo., make you meet at a hotel, you must be naked and on your knees to greet him… his greeting to you? He will twist your nipples so hard you feel like they will be ripped off. He likes to bite your nipples to where you feel they will be ripped off, he will bite your breasts so hard you will want to scream, but don’t do that because he will slap you… he loves to put his “mark” on your neck and bite you hard everywhere. He has drawn blood on my stomach, breasts, and neck from biting; I have permanent bite marks on my breasts. He bit my genitals so hard I had to go to the doctor to make sure I was okay down there. He is registered on many dating sites looking for his next victim. His wife in Paw Paw, Il, is his slave, and he visits her on weekends, he has a young daughter that he says he has visitation with every other weekend (God help her), he lives with another slave in Mt. Greenwood, Chgo and that’s why he will never take you there. Do not be duped by this man. He will tell you that he has a crazy ex-girlfriend that he had to get a restraining order out against but it is the other way around-he slashed her tires for trying to leave him. I’ve left him several times, each time he texted and email stalked me until I caved in. I’ve spoken to several of his ex-girlfriends who have confirmed they all went through the exact same thing that he put me through; he will only try to do the same to you. If you meet this man, run away as fast as you can, he is bad news. He has a very mean streak and if he has a bad day, he will take it out on you and make you believe that you have done something wrong to merit a “punishment” from him, he likes to build up your punishment counts. He will give you rules to follow and will insist that you email him every day with sex stories or make you find another woman to “play” with. It goes on and on. He is a sadist, an abuser, a liar, a cheater and will only use you for his sick twisted games. He is incapable of telling the truth and you will only get hurt in the end.