Canada Daheim G Producer

Daheim G Producer – Canada

Daheim g/ Patrick Jean-Jacques/Pat JJacques..aka..dpatj..Patrick Jeffrey..Pat Yohan..Patrick Yohan Jeffrey frequents Paris,France..Palm Beach,Florida..Miami,Florida..Haiti..New York..London,England..has numerous lovers all over (literally).. Most people know him simply as “Daheim g” which he is commonly known by on most social media sites.Ladies/Gents he CANNOT be trusted!!( He may even be married as he is suspected of being married with a family already and cheating on his wife) He is a HABITUAL LIAR and will only play with your feelings. Daheim g has a larger than life ego and believes he is Gods gift to women and that women are meant to be used.He also has a huge porn fetish he satisfies by having lots of women/gents of all varieties and ages.(he shows signs of possibly being a “functioning closet” drug user..not sure) he’s a admitted alcoholic. ( he tries to promote himself as a sensitive guy accepting of All people,yet posts discriminating /offensive things about Disabled people…he’s totally heartless..imagine if he treats women like this and can be sooo Inconsiderate/I tolerate for others who may be different than can he be trusted in the business world?? His Character is seriously questionable!!). Don’t waste your time with this insecure loser!! (I found out the hard way). He mostly uses communication apps (Whatsapp,Viber,Tagged-Hi5).to keep in contact with women all over the world. But is Extremely popular on most social websites globally. Ladies/Gents if you love and respect yourself and most importantly Value your Health..STAY AWAY!! The lasting effects just aren’t worth it in the long run…he will Never change.!!