California D.J. Felon

D.J. Felon – California

Real name Steve Honeycutt.. Lives in pacific beach San Diego California. I met him on zoosk he is also on many other dating sites. He also has 2 FB accounts under both names mentioned above. We chatted and talked for a few months I flew out to see him things seemed normal. After I came back there were times I couldn’t reach him and he always had an excuse. I eventually moved in with him quitting my job leaving my life behind 2000 miles away. Only to find out he is married with a baby on the way. He is a manipulating liar and cheat. I also found proof he was sleeping with other women when we were together. He will always lie and say your crazy or mental the reality is he will drive you in that direction. It was lie after lie said he had liver damage the reality is that’s when his other girl was staying with him and he didn’t want me to know. I finally had enough and moved back home. We contined to have contact cuz part of me wanted to believe him. When I told him I was pregnant he totally ignored me. He is a drunk as well. I hope the next victim sees this before even speaking to him. His pictures are outdated he no longer looks like the young guy in the photos on the different sites he is on.