Canada Crystal Ross

Crystal Ross – Canada

My husband made me suspicious about what he was doing online. He changed his password & would put up the screen saver when I came into the room. Then he started going into a different room in our house to answer his cell phone. I bought a gadget call cell spy now and read all of her texts him. I then got a computer friend to help me check his laptop. What I found there made me sick! I confronted my husband about what I had found and he broke down and confessed to everything and more… This woman tried picking up my husband online, her story is she had a man abusing her and needs to get away from him. The more I learned about her the angrier I got. My husband was friendly to her until she started asking for money. He then found out that she was doing the same to other men online. She was doing chat & video sex with him and several other men online. She even offers to meet them for sex. Turns out this woman had several men that she has been doing this with and a long list of very angry girl friends & wives. The worst is that she brags to others about what and who she has done. Pathetic w****! She is From Sutton,Ontario but may currently be in Newbrunswick. I would advise and man or woman that meets her on myspace, Face Book or any other place to stay clear of her.