California Crystal Ploof

Crystal Ploof – Concord, California

She comes across as sweet innocent caring and trustworthy. Well don’t believe it!! She was setting up time to meet another guy. Who knows who else she met or was trying to meet, or what she did while I was at work. Which was at night and at the same time my daughter was asleep in her bedroom.

She also is a slob. I mean the only time the house was cleaned was when someone was coming to visit. Other then that the sink was filled with over flowing dishes for weeks. Doesn’t take her 2 dogs outside to the bathroom. All she does is lay pee pads on the kitchen and bedroom floors.

She while pretending to be caring about my daughter, was purposely and slowly trying to phase her out of my life. Always sending her to my mothers to get her out of the house. Controlling and very condesending to my daughter. She would spend money she didn’t have and barely worked maybe 20 hrs a week. I honestly think she was drugging my drinks cuz I was always very tired when we were together. Just please be careful of her!!!