Arizona Crystal McCue

Crystal McCue — Tuscon, Arizona

Found out this tramp was seeing my husband when I came home early and found them together. FACT. The bitch actually denied it when it was proven fact lmao. Ive only confronted her twice and in a calm nature but shes already started the, “Im gonna get a restraining order on you” bull so watch out shes one of those whiners that fucks a married man that lives next door but cries when faced with it lol. Pussy. Anyway, shes been overheard bragging about all the married men in our complex that shes seeing, and laughing about how some have kids. She thinks its an accomplishment. Damn shame. Even the workers in the complex claim she entertains multiple men a week and that theyve had to carry her upstairs and park her car for her bc shes so drunk all the time. Yet, when any wife confronts her, shes just cries. lmfffao. BECAUSE SHES AFRAID. How worthless. The saddest part, her son has to see all of these bad things shes does. I pray for him. And I pray for her karma to come back for all the broken homes shes caused. But what she doesnt know is one of the wives is suing her for an STD transmission hahaha.