Canada Crystal Eden

Crystal Eden — Abbotsford, Canada

So this chick, carried on a two week affair with my husband knowing full well he was married, she was on vacation with her family when she met my husband at his hotel where he was staying while working out of town, she approached him while he was drunk struck up a conversation with him and moved in for the kill, she took advantage of the fact that my husband was lonely and going through some pretty traumatic life challenges and being away from his family causing him to be depressed. She slept with him the first night they met leaving her three young children alone in another room while having sex with my husband. That’s not even the worse part she slept with him a second time and spent the night with my husband while leaving her childeren alone. She is a kinky one too apparently she likes to play with her snatch while being f*cked, with a Freshly shaved box ready to go she even lets this stranger go down on her. Then when she left to return home they carried on a face time relationship with no holds barred she got undressed for him while on face time as well. Begging him to leave his wife, oh I almost forgot the boyfriend she cheated on while she was with my husband as well. Whom she broke up with when she got home with the hopes my husband would leave me for her, when my husband told her he owed it to me to try to fix things with us she cried and begged him to stay and that she deserves to be happy, guess what honey you will never be happy if you continue to target married men.