Canada Crystal Dubie

Crystal Dubie — Toronto, Canada

I was dating this guy for a few months and we finally decided it was time to meet my daughter. So we set a date and he was cooking us dinner at his place. As we are getting ready, he calls me and tells me his friend Crystal’s mom is in the hospital with a heart attack. He quickly hung up and I was so upset, and also felt scared for this person in distress. He texted that he would keep me updated and that the hospital was the one furthest away from my house (of course!). In my dress clothes and heels, I jump in the car with my 8 year old and head over to the hospital. No one of the name he mentioned was there, and no signs of him either. So we drove to his house. I left my daughter in the car as I peaked inside his house and there was this Crystal Dubie chick fucking my boyfriend in the living room!!!!! This woman has no sense of what’s right and what’s wrong and she works in childcare. She is extremely sick and so is he!!! They can have each other!!!!