California Crystal Alonzo

Crystal Alonzo — Fresno, California

This chick lured my fiancé pretending to be someone she went to high school with for a short period of time but wasn’t sure if he was who she though he was so she invited him to talk and have a few drinks to catch up and he ended up drunk and she ended up sleeping with him. He told me about it when he got home and was sincerely sorry for it. I’ve known him for 8 years and this was out of character for him and he showed me all of the messages from when she started messaging him. About a week later she sends him a message saying she is pregnant and that she hasn’t been with anyone else but him all year and that she knows he is the father. It’s been a couple months now and she posted an ultrasound picture with the information on it and the dates aren’t adding up. With how far along the baby is developed and how large it is, she is further along than what she said. And I know he wasn’t with her before because I had been in the hospital for 2 months and he took leave from work during that time and never left my side even once. We also were several cities away from her and she can’t drive. Now from talking with some people in the area I live in she is doing this to multiple guys, try to catch all of them for child support on the same baby and refusing to do a paternity test. Every time they ask for one she ignores them for a week or two and pretends nothing happened and has to gaul to ask “so when are you gonna start paying me for our child? Since there is no communication going on.” And she is crazy. She shows up to these guys houses and either vandalizes their stuff herself or has her friends do it and then send her pictures and she calls up the guys bragging about what she did while they were at work. And when she finds out where their girlfriend or wife is staying she stalks their house until you call the cops on her.