California Cristian Henriquez

Cristian Henriquez – Los Angeles, California

Hi! My name is Cristian Henriquez and I am the biggest a****** you will ever meet in your life. You see, I’m a liar and a cheater. I’m a true blooded con man. I cheated on all the relationships I have had. I come up with many excuses and Im very conniving coz I like to play the victim. I have very low self -esteem thats why I need to seek out recognition from the female species. I prey online for vulnerable women willing to listen to my sad stories and lure them. I have an average size of d*** which I think is so good but I have been told in the past that it wasn’t that great and my sex was whacked. Probably because I’ve been sleeping around with b****** and those hoes doesn’t know good sex. I have no idea if I already contacted a disease but who cares? I continue to behave like a scumbag because that is just who I am. I meet fine women all over town and I don’t know how many of them did I knock up. I think I have one or two kids but I’m really not sure coz I’m deadbeat. I will feed you with every line of bull u can imagine,i have got to be the best liar/con out there, I have ways of always making u believe me and feeling sorry for me. I’m not bad looking, I think I’m the s*** but a lot of my women think i look old and dirty. I be fronting living in a condo and balling but this n**** is broke! I met this woman few years back and I had her parents fooled thinking I was a really good guy just stuck under some strange circumstances, I was able to fool everyone that I was victimized. They bought this hook line and sinker. That was all a lie and they all bought it. I abused and accused women of numerous things and made their life and her family’s life hell. None of my women mean anything to me and I don’t want to take the time to get to know them or them get to know me because I am a piece of crap!!!!!! I know I will die miserable and I can never be faithful so I will be alone for the rest of my life with stand by hoes on the side. Now I think I do deserve a T-shirt that says “Worlds Greatest Low Life Crap” Send me a message if you’re interested and I know your life will be a living hell.