California Cristhyan Genaro Galan Galvan

Cristhyan Genaro Galan Galvan – California

I was living in Edmonton Alberta at the time from 2006-2008. I was taking an apprentice course and working full time at a custom auto body shop. I was a prep and painter. I was also an artist and had a lot of potential. I met Mr. Galan online and we formed a relationship. We had discussed moving in together. At the time he worked full-time as a floor installer for a private company. He stated that he makes a significant amount more than I do and therefore it made more sense for me to move back to Ontario and finish my apprenticeship there. He stated that he could take care of us both and I had nothing to worry about. I packed up my life and moved back to Ontario. Before I had moved I was living on my own with zero debt. I worked hard to pay off a previous credit card debt and had learned from than how to budget even what little I was making.