Canada Coty Powell

Coty Powell — Oromocto, Canada

This disgusting human hides behind a facade of loving stay at home wife, perfect mom and home daycare operator, but in reality shes busy spreading her legs for anyone…. But her husband. Husband who serves in the Canadian armed forces. She took advantage of his most recent posting to Africa. Refused to go because it was “unsafe” but she actually wanted the time to get laid and dust off the cob webs. Every dating site and ex boyfriend. Neighbour. Didn’t matter who, long as he was willing to keep her secret. While the cats away the whore did play. She moved this guy into her husbands house to live with her and raise her son. Hubs returned to Canada ….. But he’s been replaced by some average joe who installs sprinkle systems. Devoted wife. Mother who would rather whore around than raise her kid and subject the kids in her day care to this behaviour. “Whose the new guy living here?” “Don’t worry kid I ‘babysit’, he’s just the guy I am screwing while my husband serves his country proudly”. Classy. Is there such a thing as a classy whore? She fools everyone she meets with her narsasstism and pathological lying. She’s a venomous snake, if your not careful, she won’t just ruin her own marriage and family, she will snake yours too! She also goes by the last name Sparkes and a variety of other personalities! But don’t be confused, they are all whores.