Canada Cory Chrobak

Cory Chrobak – Canada

So much to say about this catch! Cory Chrobak of west Edmonton, calls himself Thor “thunder of God”. He’s a habitual sex addict & liar. Guy is so f****** full of himself. I’ll admit ripped body and kinda cute! BUT his flaws exceed his appearance. If you like a liar, cheater and fool he’s your man! His speciality is hooking up with women on Craig’s list, bars and through mutual friends. He hides girls contacts in his phone under male names so his common law partner of 7years plus doesn’t find out. He’ll smooth talk you, exchange photos and make an effort to get in your good books, but don’t be fooled. He lies to the women he meets with and says he is in an open relationship. This “minute man” is far from what he portrays himself to be. If you like a guy that will blow within 4 minutes he’s perfect! He’s like a delicate little flower and doesn’t know how to use his muscles in bed. He deceives his spouse and has been doing it for years!! That was until he finally got caught… BUT somehow brainwashed his gf into thinking he was the victim! I get it, like I said above he’s ripped etc it seems realistic, but this chick won’t even hear the truth. She knows her spouse is a cheating creep but keeps him around to raise HER kids. Not sure what type of mother wants a cheater around her kids, maybe they’ll be just like him since he’s a role model for them. This guy is a piece of work! Once he moves on he’ll become quiet and shady then involve his gf cause he can’t handle admitting the truth. Beware he has no problem creating fake drama through social media and try’s to play it off as someone’s “stalking” & “harassing” him. He doesn’t use condoms with his partners and will even spend the night at his p**** of the months home. He admitted he jacks off multiple times a day and cheats because his gf won’t be physical with him more than once a week. In the matter of a few months I had received more videos of him jacking off then I checked my mail. Ladies, have fun!