Canada Corlette E Douglas

Corlette E Douglas – Canada

Corlette e douglas, this schum of the earth is denying he is a cheater and is claiming the more than 30 texts, 26 phone calls daily for the past fourteen months are inocent between he and Linda J dawkins of 178 Street, Bronx. She also sent him nude pictures of herself which I found in his computer and some in his cell phone. He claims these pictures are inocent, too. This is all after admitting to an affair with her.Beware of this man he has a wife and pretends that he is this great family man.He is nothing but a cheater, liar and a thief.Do not trust him he likes to use these phrases ” What u dont trust me now, You need to trust me and I mean everything I say. Trust him NO just stay away from him. if u are his friends girlfriends or wives watch out he will tell you lies about them just to gain your trust. He will then become their friend and eventually have affairs with them without their boyfriends knowledge. He pretents to be a friend. Watch out he is not a real friend. He does not care about anyone but himself.STAY AWAY FROM HIM. He is very nice at first just to get in your pant after he gets in he leaves you for the next unsuspecting victim.