Canada Compulsive Liar

Compulsive Liar – Medicinehat, Canada

Where do we start, firstly this one is a keeper from the word go she has felt the need to message and meet other guys while she’s in a “committed relationship” but that’s just the tip of the iceburg, there’s no limits to this one, from her married boss (bold one) to 50 year old plus men this thing likes them all, even when she gets caught out she then goes on a self destruct mode to get you to back down, she’s a borderline alcoholic who needed a drink just to function in the mornings, even when it came to being pregnant things didn’t change for this one, unknown to who’s it was and in order to protect her lie that she’s manipulated everyone into believing she terminates a unborn child 3 months into pregnancy to keep the truth from coming out! Like I said a real keeper, a user, just looking for a cash cow with some serious daddy issues this thing will stop at nothing to destroy you, she prays on the weak and the drunks and unable to keep her legs closed. And when all else fails and she can’t run away from the truth any longer she then proceeds to take your job from you. All in all if your looking for a quick one I’m sure you can find this one being your slutty easy server at Ralph’s Medicine Hat or one tinder. More money the better in her eyes. More to come in the future stay tuned