Arizona Colton Eugene Griffin

Colton Eugene Griffin – Arizona

This guy is just nuts. He’s a redhead that lives in Vail, Arizona. He preys on either very young women around 19 (and once a 17 year old) or rich older women. He will usually be dating both and living with both at the same time. I was the stupid and naive young girl.

He has a carpet cleaning business with sporadic hours. He has goats on land bought by his last girlfriend’s money. This guy is dangerous. He has been known to shoot dogs. He then lies about and says the dogs were trying to harm his animals. I saw him kill one in cold blood, the other happened years after we broke up and is in the Vail newspaper. Google his criminal record and see for yourself. He’s been in jail numerous times for violent behavior and drugs. He lies, cheats and steals from everyone around him, including the houses and businesses he cleans. He has a thing for old cars and trucks and is driving one around Vail and Tucson area for his business. I think the current one is a old van, but he usually has a couple. He also hang around New Age groups, claiming to be spiritual and does bad karma cleansing. If his mouth is moving, he is lying.