BIKINI Colorado

Yolanda Michelle Monique Gomez Reyes Pueblo Denver Colorado

This chick STILL likes to send pictures of her body to random guys. She ended up cheating on me with a friend of mine. She is the one with 5 kids she’s abusive to. I heard she now works at the Wal-Mart on the Northside in Pueblo Colorado (if anyones interested). She has a piercing on her right cheek too. She can also be seen wearing glasses sometimes. Her home address is 1330 Lake Ave Pueblo Colorado 81004. She also drives a red car. Help share her pictures & let the world know about this loose & horny DTF sex toy. Download her pictures here:


Nicole Ceranna of Oracle in Denver CO is a wild cougar on the prowl WebActivism

Nicole Ceranna of Oracle is a horny cougar on the prowl in Denver Colorado. OMG, Nicole Ceranna is a 58 year-old cougar yet she routinely picks up and hooks up with boys much less than half her age! Nicole Ceranna meets these youngins at bars around the Denver area. Now I take no issue with with Nicole Ceranna wanting some young pee-pee but I balk at how she portrays herself as a “vibrant 23 year old”. LOL! Oh, puhleeessse! Who will believe Nicole Ceranna is 23?!?! LMAO!!! Nicole Ceranna works at Oracle and she went to high-school with my mom. Ewwww! Gross. Nicole Ceranna needs to be exposed for what she does just to get some fresh young meant pole kebobs! Yuck.

Carlos Alexander Colorado

Carlos Alexander – Cordova

Stay away from Carlos Alexander Cordova aka carlitosrumbero from California. He is a cheating bastard. His been cheating on his gf with multiple girls without them knowing.

Cheaters Colorado

Christine Marie Thomas – Colorado

Watch out this women has been married twice and gotten screwed over now out for revenge She has herpies and don’t know if using protection caught her with another man in the house that I bought for us and knew she had been messing around with other guys for a while


Mark Mitchell – Colorado, United State

Mark sent me message asking for the sexting permission. Told me, he is the owner of the internet marketing company in colorado. Mark Mitchell number is #3037257905

Alisa Nichole Bell Smith Colorado

Alisa Nichole Bell Smith – Colorado

Ball gobbling trick got evicted from the CSU pueblo dorm for prostitution. If your hard up for fat smelly cheese p****, call 720-589-1627.

Alisa Nichole Bell Colorado

Alisa Nichole Bell – Colorado

Alisa nichole bell is a liar, a trick, a nasty THOT with fat rolls stinking and cheap weave. Got herself evicted from the CSU PUEBLO dorm for tricking. 7205891627 if you desperate.

Alana Hanks Colorado

Alana Hanks – Colorado

Textbook psychopath. Everything out of her mouth is a lie and/or manipulation to get what she wants, money, sex and the sheer joy of manipulating others for her twisted pleasure.

Aspen Jacklin Colorado

Aspen Jacklin — Denver, Colorado

Oh Aspen, everyone thinks you’re an angel. But nobody knows you like I do. This girl was as normal as can be til she lost the kid, then she lost her mind and self control. She became a stripper which is a good way to make money don’t get me wrong, but you don’t fuk your clients for extra cash. Blackmail was the name of her game and if you didn’t stay quiet she would expose you or make false accusations against you. Her body is nice but is definitely way overused. She continues to have run Ins with the law. Last I saw she was continuing to scam people out of cash on Cashapp by selling nudes of “herself”. Stay away folks.

Bobbie Mackey Colorado

Bobbie Mackey — Colorado

Bobbie is a slore who works at . She sleeps with married men and is spreading DRDs gave my cheating husband an DRD. She has two daughters and a granddaughter.