Anthony E Taylor Colombia

Anthony E Taylor – District of Columbia

This man is a USER!! Hangs out around Adams Morgan in Washington DC but can also be found at the area reggae clubs!! Ladies beware he is married! I didn’t find out until it was too late, he started a relationship with me but would never sleep over at my house. He let me meet his son once while picking him up from school and looked so scared as he was dropping me back off. We go out on the weekend but never during the week and he always says he has an emergency call. he asked me to send him money in Jamaica and never paid me back. Then tried to switch it around saying it was a gift to him. He lies constantly and when he’s caught in it tries to somehow make it my fault that he did. I finally dug deeper and found out that he not only has a wife whom he lives with but also has several other girlfriends he uses to do him favors and get money from. Just want to warn the next woman who meets this scumbag because you will be used too. He’s very good at lying and will make you believe hat its you and him against the world when in fact it’s you, him and a host of other women including one named Andrea Koroma from Laurel who I found out later was NOT his wife, as she claimed to be. women of the DMV watch out!!

Anthony Holmes (Black) Colombia

Anthony Holmes (Black) – District of Columbia

Sorry 40 year old broke father of 7 children with 4 baby mamas and has a grandchild. Has no job, no licence or car, and works odd jobs for cash to avoid paying child support. He lives with his family sleeping in a twin bed. I felt sorry for him being used & lied to women in his past but it was the other way around in reality. I was fooled by his loving and caring act. He played me for everything I would give him for over a year even while I was pregnant with his baby. He regularly smokes PCP and drinks Ciroc daily. Don’t fall for it. Martina 202-355-7206 is the next after me but she was fine with his situation and starting with him while he was still staying over and lying about loving me. Hopefully no real woman with substance will fall for it like I did.

Cheaters Colombia

Chelsea Langston Bombino – District of Columbia

Chelsea Langston Bombino (or Chelsea Rae Langston) loves to use boys for their money and keeping several men on the hook until she steals you blind. She will pretend to be a devout christian (who ironically fights for muslim religious freedom) while cheating on her husband Josh. Chelsea is freaky in bed as she will allow several men to play with her at the same time, one fondling her breasts and others stimulating her with vibrators simultaneously. She will charm you with her sexual appetite and even smoke weeds with you if you offer her any. What can you say, people who go to law schools with heavy debts are inherrently dishonest, and she knows she has to be a c*** to offer “favors” to high ranked people to survive in DC. Josh is a mere community manager with a tiny package so he has no ideas how many people have f***** his wife. She has the defining look of a c*** w****, watch out!

Alejandra Arugeta Colombia

Alejandra Arugeta – Washington, District Of Columbia

She had an affair with my husband. She knew I was married to him and she still went up to him. Now she has destroyed a happily marriage. Females like this shouldn’t exist.

Brenda Voight Colombia

Brenda Voight — Denver, Colorado

Brenda Voight likes to sleep with married men. She continues to email and text a married man. Keep an eye out for her she works at Texas Road House, where I’m sure if given the chance, she will sleep with your husband.