California Clement Hurtado

Clement Hurtado – California

AKA Clem AKA Clemente of Oklahoma, formerly of California. He will tell you exactly what you want to hear, then take you down a deep dark hole. He has left a string of women and children across the country, blaming each one for his miserable life. He has NOTHING, has never owned a home, is in deep debt, including the IRS, and can’t pay his bills. When you confront him with solid proof he’s cheating he will deny it. When you show him proof he’s a lying, cheating bastard, he’ll blame you because you don’t do enough. He’ll tell you how awful the previous and/or current girlfriend is, then when he cheats on you will tell the same stories about you to his new victim. Stay away from this sick SOB. He will let you believe in happily ever after, while promising the same thing to multiple other women at the same time.