California Claudia Carlos Morales

Claudia Carlos Morales — Los Angeles, California

This b*tch got involved with my husband knowing I am pregnant and having a 3 year old child supposedly she suffers from domestic violence and me and my husband tried to help her by calling police many times she denied help and she told my husband she wanted help from him and only him, he tried to bring her to live in my house I said no there’s no way I’m letting that happen he yelled in my face he was with her didn’t want me anymore he wanted her and whether I like it or not she was gonna be here I said no and since when is he a women defender if he’s a women beater himself he has abused me for 5 years. This bitch lives next door, I never really noticed a thing but I did she a change in him right away. I just had no clue who it was and it was right next door to me.