California Christopher

Christopher – California

Nett Solutions headed up by master con-artist Christopher Ong should be put out of business immediately. These thieving lying bastards hook you in to buying their monthly SEO services by promising you that they have all these “secret algorithms” and methods to improve your search results on the internet, but after they twist your arm for weeks and weeks by calling/emailing you ten times a day (because they are desperate for business), and you eventually relent and sign their contract, what they do instead is simply, without authorization or permission, raise your advertising bids on your credit card, without your permission. That’s how they get you “more “clicks” and “more calls.” Any monkey can do this. You don’t need to pay these shysters, or anyone else for that matter, thousands of dollars per month to do that. In the era of modern day snake-oil salesmen, the f****** at NettSolutions are the at the top of the garbage heap. Currently upon information and belief they are being investigated by the California and Florida Attorney Generals Office, as well as the FBI. They are going down soon. Avoid these miserable thieving lying scumbags like a cheap dirty w**** with AIDS.

Arizona Christopher

Christopher – Arizona

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