California Christopher S Julianus

Christopher S Julianus — Carmichael, California

This pathetic excuse for a male is married (and has been since 2004), and a serial cheater and pathological liar. He pretended he was divorced (and then his story was changed to legally separated for three years – and just months away from a finalized divorced – once he knew that I fell in love with him and he knew I was ‘trapped’ within his lies) so that he could try to permanently trap me within his freak show. In reality, he never has been separated, let alone divorced. Meanwhile, he has managed to impregnate one woman (all while he’s been married) twice, and might have another one (a married woman) who has a possible kid of his (from several years ago). He was living a TRIPLE LIFE (at least; who knows how many other women he was with) – of pretending to be with me, the other woman, and his supposed “ex-wife”. He’s a horrible human, and I hope that others will find this and know to avoid this sociopath/psychopath – before he tries to impregnate any others! He appears very charming and caring – but be warned! He isn’t. It is just the mask he uses to hide what he really is: an emotional abusive, cheating, lying sociopathic pig. If you want to know about what he really is, and see the evidence, you can go to . I haven’t yet put much on it yet, but I plan to. I want to warn others to make sure they do not suffer the trauma this psycho has put me (and others) through. He also is friends with a registered gay sex offender (of a child under 14 years old) named David Hughes of Carmichael. During 2014/2015, he was living with him, too.