California Christine Champion

Christine Champion — Sacramento, California

So I was friends with this chick for years and knew her through mutual high school friends, she was 2 years younger then my graduating class, always thought she was a hottie and had my usual man thoughts about here lol. Well in April of 2017 and after posting a pic of me going camping with my family, she messaged me on fb complimenting me on how good she thought I looked. It was not even a hour into our conversation we were having that I got a Pu55y pic sent to me… should of been a red flag warning but I didn’t see it that way I was sooo into her and how she was such a good stay at home mom with her autistic son getting payed to take care of him due to his handicap. Her Facebook was full of nice and family oriented posts , surly nothing that would ever give me a warning for the dirty other life she lived and lived it good. . . She would always be pretty secretive about her phone which we all know that sign hands down, yet me falling for her had me oblivious to a lot. She had told me from the beginning straight up even ask me anything I would have another lie about or hide LOL she would say.