“Christina” Ireland

Christina T. (Tina) – Ireland

Ladies beware of this skank! She’s addicted to sex and will stop at nothing to get your husband or boyfriend! She’s lonely, horny, fat and ugly. Works at Macy’s as the manager in the home dept. at Woodfield Mall. This woman is my ex boss as she was hitting on my boyfriend and somehow got his phone number. Probably from going through my purse at the time. He had finally told me after 5 months that she was texting him non-stop. He was afraid I would have gotten fired if I had found out. He told me that she would tease him with reading stuff out of her porn books and telling him that she could satisfy him better than I could then told him about her collection of sex toys. Sadly all this was happening while she was bragging to me and the rest of my co-workers that sleeping with some guy who she knew had a girlfriend. She felt “superb” because she said his girlfriend was beautiful and she was able to sleep with him. She is dumb as a door knob knowing fully well she is being used. Sadly, I couldn’t report her to my store manager because it’s not dealing with me directly. So I had quite. This is really sexual harassment in my opinion and the fat b**** got away with it.

“Christina” Virginia

“Christina” — Portsmouth, Virginia

Typical Portsmouth for ya! Lack of any respect for other woman’s men. This is not a case of “well he cheated on you” this is a case of relentless pursuit of what she can’t have!! Hard to understand why single women can’t find themselves a single man? Sadly they teach their daughters how to be trashy women!!!