Arkansas Christina Hook

Christina Hook — Fayetteville, Arkansas

She’s been known since her kids were in high school to be a barely active parent in their lives. Always out trying to be a gold digger. Didn’t work out too well for her since she lives in a ghetto ass apartment. Never used her money for her kids but always makes sure her ugly ass hair and nails are done and she’s driving a new car. Then sleeps with the married car sales man for months while using the name of the Lord to try to get this married man to leave his whole family for her! Hahahaha also didn’t work. Very dirty, most despicable kind of person to pretend to be Christian only to use that as a way to wiggle her way between a husband and his wife and family. Sorry you screwed up your whole family but leave my girls family out of it! You sue no idea what his ooor wife had been through! And she is literally better than you in every way possible. A better Christian, wife, mother, member of society. Way better looking! She’s gents good person. Anyone that knows her knows that and that’s why you’ve pissed off A LOT of people! Don’t worry, he’s definitely getting his too, but you’re not off the hook yet, hooker. But this post should help get you there ?