Alabama Christina Hayes Olson

Christina Hayes Olson — Montgomery, Alabama

Christina Hayes Olson was a coach at my daughter’s volleyball club. She played on the adult team with my husband and my daughter. She had met me numerous times and knew my husband and I were married. She was at a wedding with us of a mutual friend and I found pictures of her that my husband had taken with my camera (seen with this post). When confronted, he dismissed it due to the fact she was there with her lesbian girlfriend. She began sending PM to my husband on Facebook in June but since she had a girlfriend, my husband referred to her as a dude and since she was flat chested and not very feminine I bought it. As their “friendship” developed they ended up having sex in the volleyball parking lot after practice, per my husband the day after our 19th wedding anniversary since I was on a girls’ beach trip in Virginia Beach in September 2014. I did not suspect it at the time but I knew she was after him and I had been telling him since June. Their relationship continued for 4 months where they met at his office to have sex and then in my own bed when I went to visit my family. In December they both had a volleyball tournament in Atlanta. The teams were meeting at a local grocery store to ride together and I asked him if she was riding with him. He said probably. I woke up early that morning to tell him I wasn’t comfortable with them riding together and he told me that if I ever brought her name up again he would hire a divorce attorney. He purchased a second phone so I wouldn’t see their communication. Fortunately, I was able to pull up some old phone records from before the second phone was purchased and saw her number come up 20 times a day. When I called it, there was no answer but her voicemail had her name on it. My heart sunk. So I called my husband and confronted him about it. He denied it, of course. Our call was dropped and so I called her again. She answered and I told her who I was and asked her if she had ever slept with my husband and she said she would not answer that. I called him back and told him that she told me so he couldn’t deny it anymore. She and my husband were both fired from the volleyball club and I later found out that she was fired from her previous job at the country club for having sex with an employee in a bathroom while working a party. My husband threw her to the curb as soon as he was caught and she tried to call him a few months later. This girl has some serious issues and needs counseling.