Canada Christel Marie

Christel Marie — Toronto, Canada

This gutter fish thinks shes cute as f. She goes by christel barbie but looks more like downsbarbie. She constantly posts crap like shes happy and noone is on her level and noone can afford to be on it. A level she is only on because her boyfriend Stas (ex pimp) owns some car wrapping company and she got him stuck for life with 3 kids. Clearly by comparing picture shes had some serious work done to her face and had lipo as she had twins very shortly ago ….. stop acting like you’re part of anything, you’re not princess you just spread you legs . I know you know you man is in all kinds of dms. You’re dumb but not that dumb… see link (worth it) or look for on youtube for account by ” hot fashion dancer” video named “christel shows secret dance moves to build attraction in clubs”’ll pee. Honestly, stop acting like your life is perfect. I know for a fact it’s not. For the love of God, humble yourself. You havent worked for anything in your life and you were filler free, jobless driving and old beater before you got stas to cheat on you with his much hotter ex . You.Ain’t.that.special.