Arkansas Christa Cudmore

Christa Cudmore — Lowell, Arkansas

This woman also known as Christa Wilson was with someone for 7 years. She cheated on him multiple times and how do I know? I was friends with her. She cheated having two very young kids at home andand he never once did. His friends and family even knew how in love with her he was. He pushed people away when they tried to tell him. He put her through collage on for her not to go take the test which would have got her and her girls a good future she kicked him out.

Then brought him back after sleeping around some more so he could pay her bills and buy the kids after good Christmas then kicked him out again. He got remarried to a beautiful woman but when they were engaged and he was happy she tried to steal him back called his mom begging for him back of course his mom said fuck off he don’t want you alls h cares about is his kids leave him alone he’s happy. Well she also slept with her best friends husband causing her to get a divorce from him very messed up :(.