Alabama Chrissy Daniels Faulkner

Chrissy Daniels Faulkner — Auburn, Alabama

This woman, who is a pharmacist, which means surely she’s smart? Right? Wrong. She just doesn’t give up. My husband and I have been married almost 3 and a half years, and this woman his ex wife and now a thorn in my side, just won’t stop, she’s constantly calling my husband’s number. I’ve listened to voicemail after voicemail where she’s begging him to call, saying how much she misses him and I’ve confronted her not once,not twice, but SEVERAL times about her behavior for her to tell me she just wants to “be friends”, look lady, friends don’t confess their love over a text message, friends don’t make promises to buy this that and the other in an attempt to get someone to sleep with someone. She is desperate and all for what? My husband doesn’t see her, he doesn’t meet her, and she’s still hanging on by a thread. So if you have a husband lock him away because she doesn’t seem to have any interest in a man who’s single, only those who are married. She couldn’t wreck my home, but it wasn’t for her desperate lack of trying.