Canada Chloe Isabella Nielsen

Chloe Isabella Nielsen – Calgary, Canada

Please put the blast out on Chloe Isabella Nielsen, owner operator of @_bellalashes in Calgary and Calgary rep for Bumble. You can find this psychopathic, narcissistic sloot of a gem targeting husbands and boyfriends of her lash clients on their insta/FB trying to get them to cheat and not tell. This manipulating, ratchet-slore then ducks them for a cheap dinner or drink and tries to shake them down. She thinks she’s so sweet and special but her ex dumped her because she cheated with multiple guys on him, poor guy had not clue. Chloe has serious mental issues and will fuk any guy who adds her to insta or FB. She desperately claims to want a relationship to her clients and guys on Tinder and Bumble but it’s lies. She has fcked all the Flames many times and most rich, old guys in the city. Your typical lying, gold digger sloot. Guy’s watch out! You will NEVER be her only guy, she never uses condoms , spreads like butter and regardless of the lies she’ll tell you, it’s only a matter of time before she’s on to the next guy without a word. Chloe mostly spends her time freeloading at her moms Britannia mansion when she’s not ripping off her clients of her company @_bellalashes then going after their guys. This spoiled princess trolls BarBelle in Mission, Chinook or Flames games in her daddys club seats looking for her next victims. Chloe is 24 and still studying to be a teacher, not very smart. She is literally useless in every other regard, hopefully, someday something smart comes out of her mouth instead of another co0ck going in. Calgary Be Warned of this huge slore!