Cheater Figure selling website

Seller Sent the wrong figure. I sent it back but never get my refund since April 2019.

Cecilia Chen China

Cecilia Chen – China

She dates married men and is a liar and a home wrecker.

Aarti Gurung China

Aarti Gurung — Hongkong, China

Check this out guys. Aarti Gurung looks like a decent Nepali girl… But she is not. She has an affair with her manager at her work. She still has guts to have another affair with my husband who used to work in the same place. All of this I was unaware… Until my husband confessed to me about this. He even left her before I found out. So it’s not like I begged him to stay. He left her because he realized that what he was doing was wrong and she was not the one whom he loved. So he left that job. He even apologized to me about that, but she has the guts to actually message me and say horrible things about me, and lie that he broke up with me and all when my husband was with me.