Arizona Cheyenne Lewis & Kyle Lubahn

Cheyenne Lewis & Kyle Lubahn – Phoenix, Arizona

I’ve known Cheyenne Lewis and Kyle Lubahn for a while now and thought they were my friends. I knew they were swingers and didn’t judge them on it. But I find out they have slept with my sister and broke up her marriage. My sister was married 8 years and had 2 children when my brother in law went on vacation. Chey and Kyle took my sister out drinking (they knew she was a recovering alcoholic) and ended up hooking up in a 3 way. What’s worse is she got pregnant by Kyle. My brother in law is devastated and I feel for him because he is like my own brother and my best friend. I’m so angry and depressed over this and when I confronted them they blamed my sister when they knew she was married. Kyle and Chey pressured my sister to get an abortion which she did and caused her allot of guilt and now she has been going through a divorce and it’s just destroyed our family. All because of these snakes Chey and Kyle.