California Cheryl Parks

Cheryl Parks — San Diego, California

So this chick goes around sleepin with married men. Even when confronted by the wives of the dudes she says she doesn’t care. She hustled my friend on a trip and stole his credit card and used it to my other dudes gifts and meth totaling 1000’s of $$ and he reported it as fraud. She begged him to talk to her about how it was a mistake. She smokes meth by night and preaches about yoga and good energy by day. She will use any dude to take her on a trip. #ffffm fuks for frequent flyer miles. She never posts any guys on her IG so she’s “single” to any dude who hits her up. I was contacted by a few other chicks that say she slept w their husband. She preys on married men becuz once she uses them they go Back to their wives (in most cases)