Canada Cherie Nicole Dmuchacz

Cherie Nicole Dmuchacz — Calgary, Canada

this to much filter using uoogly chick is Cherie Nicole Dmuchacz. I’ve been seeing posts on facebook lately about how she’s been messaging a bunch of random people for money, meanwhile she should have just gotten her cheque from the government a couple days ago. She’s always scamming people out of money. Saying she needs food and sh1t. Meanwhile it’s for booze and god knows what else. Her boys into some pretty crazy drugs. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s a meth head again. She’s nasty, will have sex with anyone and I mean ANYONE. Her body count is at least 60+ her baby daddy passed away about 6 months ago. She used his death as an excuse to party and do drugs. She didn’t have her kids for at least an entire month after he passed. She would leave the city and meet with randoms. Her facebook profile is full of random men she’s never even met in person, just ones she randomly added and give her address to, so they’ll come over and sleep with her. Now don’t worry her babies have been taken away since September. Her twin sister is caring for them while Cherie enjoys her “vacation” I truly hope this girl never gets her kids back.