Canada Chelsea Sabo

Chelsea Sabo — kelowna, Canada

This girl needs to be stopped. My bf actually had enough guilt to come forward once he had caught DRD. He came forward to say that he had cheated on me with Chelsea sabo which she said she had a guy she was seeing but nothing serious and no one would find out and they were talking back and forth for a while I saw all the txt between them and this girl has no respect for anyone lives but her own. I probably would of never found out if he didnt catch DRD. whether he caught them from her or some other sloot but Hes no good to me so she can have him. She drives logging truck in kelowna so all you boys want a sloot you’ll find her in the wood or at a truck stop. We’ve all seen this girl around from the posters of her that were put up about being a home wrecker well ladies and gentlemen this sloot is real and needs to be stopped.