California Cheaters Karma Dave

Cheaters Karma Dave – California

Hello everyone out there that thinks this is so wonderful. WARNING Dave IS NOT as good of person that you may think he is. I’m the lady he decided to pitch to the curb and that you never heard about till now. I WAS a friend of Dave’s as well. I was very good to David and Loved him dearly; helped him in all aspects of his life. Now the man you ALL THINK IS JUST SO WONDERFUL “Dave” was corresponding with Teri while plotting to leave me. Telling me that he was losing his house because of me. Because, he needed someone their to help him financially with all his experiences. Hard to pay your house expenses when your on and off jobs. Try keeping your job and quite sucking off of other people. Dave was very upset with me when hearing that I helped my son on a purchase of a Harley Davidson motorcycle. See, David needed my credit and equity for his own financial interest. Man up Dave Casto to your own bad financial wows. Talk about a scum of a person. We had a very intimate relationship for more then what most people are married. I want to say we knew each other for 3 years as a friends; then 5 more years intimately. I just can’t read all this loving stuff on their Facebook comments from unknowing friends. When he has not only being dishonest to Me, but everyone that is reading their Facebook posts. This is the type of man your Mom and Dad warned you about. Oh, he can talk the talk, have he way with Teri by deducing her, but hold onto your wallet. The Dinky Trux thing will come up sooner or later. He needs to get financing and he is looking for his pray. Be warned Teri he is coming for you literally. If you need further information if your brave enough to hear it, message me. If you don’t take the advise to run away and don’t look back; you were properly warned. People just need to hear some of the truth. Best of luck