Cheater and SussexBear Liar

Liar, Cheater and SussexBear – New Jersey

Woman out there beware of this lying, cheating bastard in KIK, Twitter or Tumblr, to name a few. He goes by SussexBear and he’s not what he claims. Preys on weak volerable woman who are looking for attention, so this is partly their own doing. He is not single. He actually has a better half, she has earned that at least. He plays a good game of a past of betrayal by his ex wife, who knows if that’s true, and how he is just a single great guy unable to find love in life. Hey dude, how about your girlfriend sitting right there? He’s the typical onliner from 8-5 weekdays and disappears at night and the weekends. Yes to must of is that is a duh. But he’s smooth in his talk and explanation, using work, children, illness and whatever else he feels this naive indidvual will believe. Just a warning to all. You continue on at your own risk. Who looks for love in this manner anyways.