Chauncy L. Brown Nebraska

Chauncy L. Brown – Nebraska

Ladies Beware. This guy is a total looser. He talks sweet and says all the right things but if it comes out of his mouth it is a LIE.
He is living with his current grlfriend and has done so for the last two years. He recently uploaded his information to claiming to have one child when he has 2. He claims to make nearly $100,000.00 a year, which he does but nearly all of it goes towards a serious bankruptcy that he puts all on his ex wife, and $750.00 a month to each one of his childerns mothers. Oh, he also has a record for battery. But he claims that his sons mother lied. Hmmm, you spent 6 months in jail dude! He uses his position as a local photographer (Dark Moon Photography) to date new women. He told me he was single. He lied! I have been intimate with him, meet his friends and family, introduced him to mine, had him around my childern, gone on dates, gone to parties, out of town, shared intimate details of my life…everything. Only to have it all come crashing down when another female showed me numerous text messages betweeen Chauncy and herself. I did some digging and found out about the girlfriend hes been living with for 2 years. He is also a member of a local bike club, actually the vice president, and he dates women off and on in that community too. He says he works late, goes out of town to do photo shoots, when in reality he uses this time to cheat. This guy is a womanizer. He uses women for money and sex. A male gold digger. He is all about the show. He is charming. Nice. Says all the right things. Plays victim very well. Will actually make you feel sorry for him. He is a horrible person. One day, some man is going to treat his little girl the exact same way he treated me, his girlfriend, and the female i met. He is going to look into his little girls eyes and see all that pain and then he might just understand how wrong he was. Nevermind, hes too shallow and self absorbed for that!